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 Publications     Monday, May 01, 2017  
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Chiman Hameed Saeed:

-        -  Comparative effect of different visible light energy on bacterial growth, international Journal of Advanced Research, Feb. 2016.

Dlzar Dlshad Ghafoor:

-        -  Hydrogen bonding of the dissociated histidine ligand is not required for formation of a proximal NO adduct in cytochrome c’, journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, Sep.2015.

Jamal Karem Shakor;

-         -  Assessment of Health Related to Quality of Life in Hypertensive and Diabetic Mellitus Patients in Kurdistan, Kufa Journal for Nursing Science,Sep. 2015 .

Dr. Gaylany H. Abdullah;

-         -  Engineering proximal vs. distal heme–NO coordination via dinitrosyl dynamics: implications for NO sensor design, The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016

Dr. Saleem S. Qader;
Socioeconomic determinants and metabolic syndrome:results from the Isfahan Healthy Heart Program, Acta Biomed, 2016

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